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We encourage our clients to view and utilize the attached GSI specification chart on color range and quality levels of travertine.

This universal method of educating and creating transparency for assessing travertine quality levels will ultimately create clarity and clear expectations in a universal language around the world for our clients to follow when identifying quality levels and price points.

Think of the attached chart as you would when purchasing a diamond ring and I think you will easily understand the importance.

GID Card

Exterior Natural Stone Edges & Corner Finishes

Marble, Travertine and Limestone, being natural stone, possesses inherent characteristics that contribute to its unique beauty and appeal. One such characteristic is the possibility of chips occurring along the edges and corners of the pavers. These chips can result from various factors, including the extraction process, transportation, and handling during installation.

It is important to note that these chips do not compromise the structural integrity or functionality of the natural stone pavers. They are merely superficial imperfections that are commonly found in natural stone products. In fact, some individuals appreciate these chips as they add a touch of authenticity and character to the overall appearance of the pavers.

While every effort is made to minimize the occurrence of chips during the manufacturing and handling processes, it is impossible to completely eliminate them.

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