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Virtual DesignerTalk

DesignerTalk is presented by StoneHardscapes Senior Architectural Design Consultant, Linda Abbott, with over 20 years of industry experience.

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Watch our previous 15-30 minutes webinars on natural stone best practices and design applications below.

A Tour of John Knox Village with featured Guest Speaker Mihaela Zaharescu, Vice President at EDSA

Design Shift for 2nd Quarter of 2024

Overcoming False Narratives when Specifying Natural Stone: A Landscape Architect's Perspective

Busting Material Myths

Color and Design Trends for 2024

2023 Year in Review and 2024 Trend Forecast

On Trend: Large Format Design Concepts That Won't Break the Bank

Cleaning and Maintenance of Hardscape Materials for Optimal Beauty and Function

Getting Summer Ready and Achieving Your Best Outdoor Design with Natural Stones

The Ultimate Curb Appeal with Natural Stone

Give Your Sustainable Design a Boost with Natural Stone

White Hot Trends of 2023

2023 Color Trends of the Year

How to Use Natural Stone to Create a Cozy Design Aesthetic

Design Trends Elevated with Natural Stone

Selecting the Optimal Natural Stone for Your Next Project

Modern & Refined

Hardscape Affects on Design Aesthetics

Budget Friendly, Large Format Design Trends

Beyond Basic

Going Vertical with Natural Stone

Making Marble Modern

Trending Organic

Design Trends of 2022

Cost Conscious Ways to Maintain Your Design Aesthetic During Challenging Times

Designer Talk: Understanding Travertine Quality levels for Achieving Best Design

Designer Talk: Hardscape Affects on Design Aesthetics

Designer Talk: Coping Design Concepts

Understanding Testing and Standards for Natural Stone

Best Practices for Natural Stone Installation Part 1

Best Practices for Natural Stone Installation Part 2

Understanding Co-Efficient of Friction

Natural Stone Care and Maintenance

Natural Stone Governance and The Global Stone Institute

Best Practices for Successful Coping Installation

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