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Installation Recommendations

Stepped Panels are designed to interlock together like puzzle pieces. Panel A will lock into Panel B and so on for a seamless fit.

Substrate should be:

  • Structurally sound
  • Clean
  • Dry
  • Free of Debris

Substrate can be cement block wall or cement board attached to wall.

  1. Working from the bottom of the wall upward, coat the wall with 0.5inch plus layer of mortar, covering slightly more than the width of each panel
  2. Apply layer of mortar to the back of the ledger panel and press the panel firmly in place. To ensure maximum bond of each panel to the wall surface, use a rubber mallet to tap each ledger panel in to its final position
  3. Repeat step # 2, adding panels in a linear direction (end-to-end, rather than stacking ) to create multiple layers of panels until the desired height is reached.
  4. Standard 6×24” Natural Ledger Panels feature Stepped Cut design which creates a seamless look, as random stone pieces were set by a craftsman.
  5. To protect your stone from stains and spills, we recommend sealing the stone surfaces.

Please Note: Open several boxes at a time and pull pieces from each box (blending the stone) in order to have a beautiful finished veneer project. DO NOT install by opening and installing one box at a time because the finished outcome will not be properly blended.

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