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Enhance the beauty of your pool with coping!

Is your in-ground swimming pool built of concrete? If yes, then it will need coping for sure. Pool coping is the top for the edge of the swimming pool, which is quite necessary, but people these days are also taking it as an opportunity to give their pool a decorative accent. There is no doubt that pool coping can greatly enhance the appearance of your pool. When you are inside the pool and hang on to the top edge, you are grabbing on to the coping. Most homeowners are using natural stone pool coping these days. It includes limestone, sandstone, travertine, etc. The majority of trendy finishes for natural stone copings are stone bullnose or straight edge coping.

Benefits of Using Natural Stone as Pool Coping!

Keeps you away from accidents and injuries!

There is a reason why natural stone is preferred for coping. Because it is not slippery at all and provides a good grip to your foot. You don’t want to walk on a surface that is slippery since it is pretty unsafe to do so.  You may end up getting injured if you walk on a slippery surface.  Apart from this, natural stone coping has a great quality that its edges are not sharp; hence, the chances of injuries are minimal.


Natural stones, as the name suggests, are naturally available. There won’t be a situation where you will find that these stones are out of stock. It means that their price will never be too high as their supply will always be matching the demand, if not surpassing it.  There is a good chance that you may get a huge discount on natural stones if their supply exceeds the demand.

A variety of options

These stones come in a huge variety of colors and textures. In fact, you will be spoilt for choice after learning that there are so many options at your disposal. Hence, you can use a number of color combinations to customize your pool area. You won’t get such liberty with any other kind of coping option.

Natural stone is perfect for coping since it is the perfect blend of beauty and safety. When you want a long-lasting and beautiful pool coping, look no further than StoneHardscapes.

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