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Stonehardscapes - Natural Stone Veneer
Natural Stone Veneer
Natural Stone Veneer
Stonehardscapes - Natural Stone Veneer

Tahoe Pavers

Product Description

Bring the beauty and style of Key West right to your backyard. Tahoe is sure to draw attention to any patio or pool deck.

Recommended Applications

Pool Deck, Patio, Walkways, Balcony, Entry, Lanais and Docks

Available Sizes

Item Code Material Type Product Type Finish Size Thickness
B0409-125-TH-TU Marble Bullnose Tumbled 4″x9″ 3cm
B1224-125-TH-TU Marble Bullnose Tumbled 12″X24″ 3cm
P0612-125-TH-TU Marble Paver Tumbled 6″x12″ 3cm
P0808-125-TH-TU Marble Paver Tumbled 8″X8″ 3cm
P0816-125-TH-TU Marble Paver Tumbled 8″x16″ 3cm
P1616-125-TH-TU Marble Paver Tumbled 16″x16″ 3cm
P1624-125-TH-TU Marble Paver Tumbled 16″x24″ 3cm
P2424-125-TH-TU Marble Paver Tumbled 24″x24″ 3cm
V4444-125-TH-TU Marble Veneer Splitface Random _”-1 _”
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