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StoneHardscapes mocha-walnut-classic_

Walnut/Mocha Classic Tumbled Pavers

Product Description

Mocha is a beautiful blend of brown tones that create the ideal tranquil environment.

Recommended Applications

Pool Deck, Patio, Walkways, Balcony, Entry, Lanais, Driveways and Docks


Available Sizes

Item Code Material Type Product Type Finish Size Thickness
P0612-1-125-MA-T3 Travertine Paver Tumbled 6×12 3cm
P1624-100-MA-T3 Travertine Paver Tumbled 16×24 1in
P3333-100-MA-TU Travertine Paver Tumbled Ashlar Pattern 1in
P3333-125-MA-TU Travertine Paver Tumbled Ashlar Pattern 3cm
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