Stone Hardscapes only imports the finest hand selected natural stone including pavers, bullnose, tile, and wall veneer ideal for both residential and commercial applications.  Your Stone Hardscapes representative will ensure that you not only select the perfect application for your color pallet and design theme but will ensure it is safe and easy to maintain. We have provided the finest quality natural stone for thousands of projects nationwide including: pool decks, patios, walkways, entries, driveways, kitchens, bathrooms, and many much more.  Because we offer each product in a variety of finishes it is seamless to create an exceptional indoor/outdoor living experience. 

Patio, Pool Deck, & Driveway Pavers

Stone Hardscapes’ natural stone paver line is second to none in the industry.  We offer 8 distinct colors and sizes ranging from 4 x 8 up to 24 x 24 in a safe skid-resistant finish.  Natural stone being incredibly dense offers great compression strength even for vehicular traffic while combined with the convenience of always being cool to the touch for your patio or pool deck.  Any of the eight colors can be combined to either create a blend or accent element.  Plus, everything can be installed in the most cost effective method – sand-setting.  If you are planning on renovating your current deck, don’t worry about excavating everything because Stone Hardscapes stone can be placed right on top which will save you time, money, and mess. 

A friendly Stone Hardscapes representative is available to answer all of your questions.  Simply call 866-407-8663.

Let us help you create the perfect living experience.

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