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Get LEED credits with Natural Stone

Did you know natural stone can be used to achieve Leed credits? Some of the applicable categories include:

Heat Island Reduction

The intent of this credit is to minimize effects on microclimates and human and wildlife habitats by reducing heat islands, which are caused by disturbances to the natural landscape, and temperatures rise as a result. This can cause additional heat on the home and surrounding site, which in turn creates the need for more air-conditioning in summer. Install light-colored, high-albedo natural stone in hardscapes in order to reduce heat gain on the site.

Some examples of our selections that can help you achieve the cooling effect include:

Energy & Atmosphere

The intent of this credit is to improve the home’s overall energy performance and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Using natural stone, which has thermal properties and does not off-gas, should be a part of the high-performance building envelope, since it will perform well over time, supporting a reduction in energy use, thereby also saving valuable resources.

Materials & Resources

The intent of this prerequisite is to promote durability and performance of the building enclosure and its components and systems through appropriate design, materials selection, and construction practices. Use water-resistant flooring in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, spa areas, and entryways.

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