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How to Clean and Maintain Travertine Pavers Installed in a Florida Patio

Travertine pavers are a great option for outdoor areas that are prone to wear and tear and damage from the elements. The following tips can help you maintain and clean these sturdy pavers.

If you are not careful, mother nature will take over the patio area outside of your home. This means that you will likely see lots of grass and weeds growing through the cracks between the pavers. This is especially likely to happen in areas that are close to the grass or farthest away from your home. You can carefully pull out the weeds between the travertine pavers. Be sure to pull out the weeds by the roots in order to prevent future growth. You may want to use a chemical detergent.

Be sure to sweep your patio regularly. This will prevent patterns of wear or scratches on the pavers. After you sweep away all the debris, rinse off the area using a hose. It may be necessary to use a high-pressure water hose every now and then to remove dirt and debris. Of course, be careful not to damage the surface of the pavers. If it is necessary, you can use a mixture of soap and warm water to mop the pavers.

Depending on the age of the pavers, you may want to consider stealing them. This will provide extra protection from the elements and from becoming worn down.

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