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Three Reasons to Use Natural Stone as Pool Coping

The edge of your pool is one of the most important surfaces in your home. It is the transition from solid ground to your pool–an area that often poses some danger. Your choice of coping is therefore an important one and you want to find a balance between form and function.

Natural Stone coping is Safer than Other Materials

Natural stone pool coping has several safety benefits. One of the most helpful is the way it grips your foot due to its naturally porous texture. This makes it safer for walking, and of course, slip-resistant. Even though natural stone coping is dense, its rounded edges make it less sharp which in turn boosts safety.

It is Cost-Effective

Because it’s readily available, natural stone coping is also cost-effective. When you’re able to shop around, you can compare prices and find the best deals. Natural Stone is so abundant in fact, that it goes on sale often, particularly at the end of each season. So, you can wait a bit and get the same quality stone for a discounted price. But even if you buy it at cost, because it’s so long-lasting, you’re still getting a deal.

It is Preferable to Concrete

Concrete, chosen by many homeowners, may be relatively simple to install because it’s part of the existing concrete structure. However, natural stone pool coping has the advantage of being as hard, and if you choose the right material, longer lasting than concrete. This is because some stone materials are naturally resistant to the weather. Another advantage natural stone pool coping has over concrete is its aesthetic appeal. The subtly varied color profile allows the homeowners to customize and design the pool surroundings to their wishes.

Choosing natural stone pool coping provides you, your family, and your guests with both safety and beauty. Although safety always comes first, it’s nice when it brings an attractive design along with it. StoneHardscapes has some stunning natural stone options ready to grace the contours of your pool. Find out more at or by dropping a line at 954-989-4050.

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