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What Are the Best Ways to Care for Natural Stone Pavers?

Now that you have decided to use natural stone pavers for your patio or outdoor area, it’s crucial to understand how to care for it. The great thing about this material is that it requires very little maintenance, but, cleanup is still needed. We’ll share the best ways to keep your new outdoor living area looking fantastic.

Sealing the Stone

Sealing natural stone pavers after installation can be beneficial. This will not only enhance their natural look, but also protect it against water absorption, discoloration, and harsh weather. Applying sealant to the stone can also make maintenance easier. If you live in a location that is colder than average, sealing your stone is recommended.

Cleaning on a Regular Basis

Because it’s readily available, natural stone coping is also cost-effective. When you’re able to shop around, you can compare prices and find the best deals. Natural Stone is so abundant in fact, that it goes on sale often, particularly at the end of each season. So, you can wait a bit and get the same quality stone for a discounted price. But even if you buy it at cost, because it’s so long-lasting, you’re still getting a deal.

It is Preferable to Concrete

Your cleaning schedule will depend on how often the outdoor area is used and on the weather. As an example, if you eat or drink in the area often, cleaning up spills may be needed. Another possibility is sweeping during the fall season to prevent stains from leaves.

But if you wash and sweep the pavers regularly, there will be less need for deep cleaning. And in most cases, all you need to clean up is water, soap, and a sponge or soft mop. Sometimes a hand cloth might be required for stains.

Using the Best Cleaners

The best cleaners for natural stone pavers are neutral in pH. Using acidic cleaners can damage the stone. This applies to acidic foods, as well, such as tomatoes and orange juice. That is why cleaning up spills is important to avoid staining.

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