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6 Things to Consider When Selecting a Pool Builder

Team Horner’s very own branch manager, Chuck Schilling, shares his experience on what to keep in mind when selecting your swimming pool builder. With over 20 years of experience in the pool industry, he offers excellent advice we felt was worth the read. Here’s what he had to say:

When you make the decision to purchase your swimming pool, you have made a great decision and a long term commitment to your home, property and enjoyment.

 Now you have to select your pool builder and options for this backyard place of rest and relaxation. Here are some things to consider when selecting your Pool Builder to help you make sure it is the wonderful experience it can and should be.


1. How long has the builder you are considering been established in the construction business?

Finding a well-established builder that owns their facilities or has been established in one location shows stability and commitment to the business. It also provides you somewhere to go and see the business you are investing your hard earned money with.


 2. Does the Pool Builder provide references both recent and older for you to contact?

This can be very important to find out what others have experienced. Builders who do quality work and provide quality service should be more than willing to share this information with you.


 3. What trade and business organizations is the Pool Builder a member of or associated with?

Being involved in the trade and organizations again shows a commitment to the industry and that means you get a professional company who is willing to invest time, effort and money to make their business and product better. Ultimately, this better represents you.


 4. What type of equipment does the Pool Builder provide?

 There are many options and ranges of performance, high tech and quality grades of equipment available. Not one option fits all, so when designing your pool with your builder be sure to find about the equipment, performance and high tech options available for you.


 5. Read the contract ahead of time and make sure you understand the payment process.

Be careful and cautious of any contractor that asks you for money not due or extra money outside of the referenced draws as outlined in the contract. These are problematic and may void the contract and put you at risk. Stay within the guidelines of the contract.


6. When shopping for a pool please remember this: Not all pools are the same.

When you work with a builder and get a quote that is for a specific pool and equipment, having multiple quotes is sure to get you a range of prices. These ranges in price come from the specifics, including the types of material and equipment used , how thick the walls and floors are , what grade clippings and tiles are included , are the sizes the same, was there any deck included, what finish is included and all of the contractual obligations that need to be taken into consideration.


Most bids will be close if all options are the same, leaving it to you to select the builder you feel the most comfortable with, who you trust will build your dream pool.  Use this information and make an educated decision.

By: Chuck Schilling

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