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Showcase StoneHardscapes in 3D

We are pleased to announce that StoneHardscapes is now live in Pool Studio. You can enjoy 20 of our finest pavers and ledgestone materials, as well as four of our Team Horner FireFX Water Bowls.

 Pool Studio, developed by Structure Studios, is an easy-to-use 3D visualization software that helps your concept come to life. It allows you to draw out your idea in 2D, and, with just one easy click, convert it into a fully interactive 3D presentation that you can later share with your clients.

 We partnered with Pool Studio in 2015 in hopes of helping our pool builders, distributors, designers, and landscape architects maximize their design efforts. A large part of our company’s culture is to aid our partners in all of their business needs.

 Each of the 20 stones we selected are our most popular ones. We wanted to make sure we kept it current, something our partners could really use to their advantage, explains Linda Abbott, Principal Designer of the StoneHardscapes Design Division. We included our FireFX Water Bowls as well since those are one of our best-selling accessories.

 To learn more about the product or see a live demo, visit

 For a better understanding of the program, please enjoy this brief tutorial: 

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