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Designer of the Month: Jan Rothenberg

We’d like to kick off 2016 celebrating the incredible designers in our industry, and this month, we’ve chosen to recognize award winning interior designer, Jan Rothenberg.

Fusing classic and modern elements, Rothenberg stands alone as she curates spaces that contribute to the spiritual and emotional wellbeing of her clients. Understanding colors and layouts, she strategically maps out the room to create a peaceful energy flow, much of which is inspired by spiritual principles that accompany her yoga practice. Her dedication to wellness and her sustainable design concepts create a beautiful space, giving true meaning to her motto home supports your best life.

Rothenberg earned her degree in interior design by the Art Institute in Fort Lauderdale, and has spent the last 25 years perfecting her craft. Her work has been featured in ASID Professional Design, Miami Design, Broward Design, Palm Beach Design and Parklander Magazine. Her distinctions include: Board Member of Women and Wishes, Inc; Co-Chair Place of Hope at the Haven Design Project; ASID Design Excellence Award for 2014; Woman of the Year 2012, 1000+ Club of Ft. Lauderdale; Women for Excellence Boca Raton.

Rothenberg is also a current member of SHCODA, the StoneHardscapes Coalition of Designers and Architects.

Designer Tip:   Adding stone elements into an interior space can bring the natural earth to a wall feature and create a focal point in that room.  Add mood lighting to accent the stone wall and you have a very unique, warm and tasteful effect on the space.  Natural stone brings that grounded energy and beauty into an interior environment and can balance out other elements, such as wood, metal and glass in that space.

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