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Townhouse Backyard Natural Stone Makeover

Townhouse Backyard Design taken to a new level with Travertine Pavers

When we think of landscape design, we often think of a large green canvas that extends for acres, assuming it’s necessary for creative inspiration. Well, here at StoneHardscapes, we’d have to respectfully disagree. Our company’s philosophy states that there is no project too big or too small, and we proudly stand by that. Everyone deserves to create a space they love, their own little escape from the real world, and you can create that space in just a few short hours, with a simple backyard design.

Recently, we had partner installers come to us with a 500 sq. ft. project. They had a couple who wanted to transform their townhouse backyard design to create a functional outdoor area they can call their own.

In-house design consultant, Linda Abbott, got right to work. Listening to the client’s needs and wants, Linda discussed the variety of options available to achieve their goals within their budget.

The result: Laying out 5 x 10 Gold travertine pavers throughout the space.

The project was completed in 24 hours, allowing the family to relax and host their first Sunday bbq for a few friends and family that very weekend. Since completion, the family has made this outdoor space their main entertainment area, enjoying nightly family dinners and continuing the weekend barbecues with friends and family.

This family transformed their small outdoor space into an extraordinary outdoor oasis, while ultimately increasing their property’s value. The outcome: an elegant and functional sanctuary to relax, read, sun, grill, and entertain family and friends, Linda Abbott, StoneHardscape’s In-House Design Consultant.

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