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Consider Using Natural Stone Veneer for Your Next Project

Homeowners who love the concept of stone designs often come to a single question when planning a new project. Should I use man-made stone or natural stone veneers? You might immediately want to base your decision solely on price, but the price difference between the two is negligible. Today we’re going to share a few of the reasons why going with natural stone is the best decision.

Less Maintenance

Natural stone veneer can handle any type of weather and extreme temperatures. You’ll also never have to repaint the stone, which is one less thing to worry about. If you go with natural veneers, you may find that they outlast the project you originally used them for.

Easy Application

Stone veneer can be placed over brick or any other solid structure. Even experienced professionals agree that it’s easier to install these veneers than other materials. Hiring a great mason to help with your project will ensure you get a beautiful result.

It can be used indoors and outdoors

Another of the advantages of natural stone veneer is that it can be used for both projects indoors or outdoors. It can be used to side a house, to build a beautiful lobby in a hotel, or to create a luxurious fireplace. The possibilities are endless.

Stone veneer is great for both remodeling and new construction projects. There are tons of options, so it works for a natural stone wall outside your home, or it can work for remodeling a bathroom or kitchen.


Due to its origins, natural stone is strong and beautiful. It is also extremely durable and it won’t need to be replaced for a long time, which reduces waste and is environment-friendly.

If you’re ready to find the perfect stone veneer for your project, StoneHardscapes is here to help. You can get more information by contacting us here.

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